The TIGRESS by Alice Guy Blache with Olga Petrova

The TIGRESS by Alice Guy Blache with Olga Petrova

lundi 18 février 2008

Olga Petrova SOLAX STOCK Alice GUY

Olga Petrova "SOLAX STARS STOCK" Alice Guy

24 mars 2008, 40éme anniversaire de la disparition d'Alice Guy

Exposition "Alice Guy au pays du cinema"
orgarisation alice guy .free .fr
du 10 au 21 mars 2008
UNESCO PARIS salle Juan Miro
organisation Thierry Peeters "Les Amis d'Alice Guy"

Olga Petrova (May 10, 1884 – November 30, 1977) was an actress, screenwriter and playwright.

Born Muriel Harding in Tur Brook, England, she moved to the United States where she became a star of vaudeville using the stage name Olga Petrova. She was cast in her first silent film in 1912, a Russian production titled Ukhod Velikovo Startsa (Departure of a Grand Old Man). She went on to appear in a number of films for Solax Studios and was Metro Pictures first diva, usually given the role of a femme fatale. During her seven years in film, Petrova appeared in more than two dozen films and wrote the script for several others.

Petrova left the film industry in 1918 but continued to act in Broadway productions. During the 1920s, she wrote three plays and toured the country with a theater troop. In 1942, she published her autobiography, Butter With My Bread.

Olga Petrova died in 1977 in Clearwater, Florida. She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1. Kira Kiralina (1927) .... Kira's mother
... aka Dvazhdy prodannaya (Soviet Union: Russian title: reissue title)
... aka Female for Sale - Twice (International: English title: informal title)

2. The Panther Woman (1918) .... Patience Sparhawk
3. Tempered Steel (1918) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Lucille Caruthers
4. The Life Mask (1918) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Anita Courtland

5. The Light Within (1918) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Laurel carlisle, M>D>
6. Daughter of Destiny (1917) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Marion Ashley
... aka The Greater Way (USA)

7. More Truth Than Poetry (1917) (as Mme. Olga Petrova) .... Elaine Esmond/Vera Maitland
8. Exile (1917) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Claudia Perez
9. The Silence Sellers (1917) (as Mme. Petrova) .... Laura Sutphen
10. To the Death (1917) (as Mme. Olga Petrova) .... Bianca Sylva

11. Law of the Land (1917) .... Margaret Harding
12. The Undying Flame (1917) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... The Princess/Grace Leslie
13. The Soul of a Magdalen (1917) (as Mme. Petrova) .... Heloise Broulette
... aka The Soul of Magdalen (USA: copyright title)
... aka The Soul of a Magdalene (USA)
14. The Waiting Soul (1917) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Grace Vaughan

15. The Secret of Eve (1917) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Eve, in the Garden of
Eden/Hagar, the Gypsy Woman/Eve, the Quakeress/Eve, the Wife of Brandon
16. Bridges Burned (1917) (as Mme. Olga Petrova) .... Mary O'Brien
17. The Black Butterfly (1916) (as Mme. Petrova) .... Sonia Smirnov/Marie, the convent girl
18. Extravagance (1916) (as Madame Olga Petrova) .... Norma Russell

19. The Eternal Question (1916) .... Bianca
20. The Scarlet Woman (1916/I) (as Madame Petrova) .... Thora Davis
21. Playing with Fire (1916) (as Mme. Petrova) .... Jean Serian
22. The Soul Market (1916) (as Olya Petrova) .... Elaine Elton
23. What Will People Say? (1916) .... Persis Cabot
24. My Madonna (1915) .... Lucille

25. The Bludgeon (1915)
26. The Vampire (1915/I) .... Jeanne Lefarge
27. The Heart of a Painted Woman (1915) .... Martha Redmond
28. The Tigress (1914) .... Stella
29. Ukhod velikovo startza (1912) (as O. Petrova) .... Sofja Andreevna
... aka Departure of a Grand Old Man (International: English title)

1. Daughter of Destiny (1917) (story)
... aka The Greater Way (USA)
2. More Truth Than Poetry (1917) (as Mme. Olga Petrova) (story)
3. To the Death (1917) (as Mme. Olga Petrova) (scenario)
4. Bridges Burned (1917) (story)

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